Tournament Hunger Games Trios Tournament II: Sign-Ups

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Welcome back to my Hunger Games Trios Tournament!

Hello everyone! Hunger Games Trios Tournament is a tournament in which trios choose a district (a pool of Pokemon) from given options and battle other trios using teams made of unique Pokemon from the chosen districts. In this tournament, players shall participate in teams of three (trios) and will compete with other trios on a weekly basis with each member playing one battle. Every round will be a best of three.
1. Teams will choose one of the many (amount depends on the number of players joining) controllable districts, containing 18 Pokémon each.
2. These districts will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.
2. Teams shall make three unique teams of 6 unique Pokemon each. All 18 Pokemon shall be used!
3. Each round you will face off against an opposing team in a best of three [Gen 9] National Dex Singles series.
4. In the event your team loses 1 and wins 1, the tie-breaker shall be played by the 3rd player (who hasn't battled in the respective round yet) using the remaining 6 mons.
5. Winning Teams can choose to equip their opposing teams district for the upcoming rounds by mentioning "switching district" in the respective round's thread. Note that you cannot take back a district that you've dropped.

Standard [Gen 9] National Dex Ruleset shall be followed with Mega-Evolutions, Z-moves and Terastalization being allowed. All of the battles are to played on Pokemon Showdown. Participants are expected to follow the Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, including but not limited to rules against ghosting, timer/disconnect clauses, and activity calls. Please feel free to contact me on any platform if you have any doubts.

To sign up, mention below your Team Name along with the three participants' Smogon username. Teammates shall like their team's sign up post to confirm their involvement. Me liking your post means your team is approved.
Free agents can post "in" if they wish to participate. If there are any unclaimed free agents at the end, they will be put together to form teams.

Sign-ups will end on 13th November, 8:30 AM GMT±0. Districts will be announced on the same day in a different thread!

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